TVSD B.A.D. Nationals II September 21-22 Results

Thunder Valley Sand Drags B.A.D. Nationals II Results

Saturday's Results
Top Alcohol
1st-Dee Trower
2nd-Josh Stephens
3rd-John Moreland
3rd-Jeff Sieg

Top Eliminator
1st-Terry Glasscock
2nd-Jack Monroe
3rd-Dee Trower
3rd-Kenny Kapple

Pro Comp
1st-Tim Hatfield
2nd-John Dreher
3rd-Bill White

Sport Comp

1st-Lion Feudrhelm
2nd-Lonnie Ellinger


1st-Ken Free
2nd-Gary Curtis
3rd-Gary Perry

Sport ATV

1st-Gary Perry
2nd-Chris Parker
3rd-Jamie Winsor

Pee Wees

1st-Matt Berry
2nd-Kassie Curtis

1st-Shae Yardley
2nd-Brooke Martin

Saturday Eliminations

T/A Round One

Josh Stephens (win) vs Stacey Sieg
3.00 to a 3.81, Josh went straight for the guard rail at the starting line but counter-steered it away and marched down the track for the win.
David Hauser vs Dee Trower (win)
2.89 to a 2.84, Dave's car wheelied down most but Dee stayed on the ground and passed him for the win.
John Moreland-Bye
Ran a 2.79
Jeff Sieg-Bye
Ran a 3.05
T/A Semi-final
John Moreland vs Josh Stephens (win)
2.72 to a 2.79, Josh had a hole shot victory, .064 to a .141.
Jeff Sieg vs Dee Trower (win)
10.55 to a 2.75, Jeff didn't leave the starting line at first which allowed Dee to take the win.
T/A Final
Josh Stephens vs Dee Trower (win)
Their was no race, Josh Stephens couldn't make the call so the win was given to Dee Trower. I would of had a foot race though.

T/E Round One
Jack Monroe (win) vs Tim Hatfield
3.04 to a 3.20, VW to VW, possibly the coolest race of the night.
Terry Glasscock-Bye
Ran a 3.07, Having some problems positioning himself to stage Terry made up for it by making a clean pass down the track.
David Hauser vs Kenny Kapple (win)
3.43 to a 3.21, Kenny went "Haywire" on David Hauser
Dee Trower-Bye
Ran a 2.77
T/E Semi-final
Jack Monroe (win) vs Dee Trower
2.99 to a 3.00, A very close race, but the VW comes out the winner.
Kenny Kapple vs Terry Glasscock (win)
3.16 to a 3.03, Kenny got Terry off of the light but that darn Corvair just has too much horsepower.
T/E Final
Jack Monroe vs Terry Glasscock (win)
3.02 to a 3.00, Jack put up a good race, but Terry had to go and keep up his winning streak.

Saturday Qualifying

Top Eliminator:
#969 Kenny Kapple
1st pass-4.63 @ 40.22 MPH
#156 Terry Glasscock
1st pass-3.06 @ 103.65 MPH
#8 Tim Hatfield
1st pass-3.13 @ 104.54
#12 David Hauser
1st pass-3.37 @ 85.32 MPH
#1-Dee Trower
#2-Jack Monroe
#3-Terry Glasscock
#4-Tim Hatfield
#5-Kenny Kapple
#6-David Hauser

Top Alcohol:
#101 Rod Trower
1st pass-2.76 @ 101.44 MPH
#3 Josh Stephens
1st pass-3.00 @ 111.14 MPH
2nd pass-3.07 @ 97.59 MPH
3rd pass-3.55 @ 63.12 MPH
#FU3X John Moreland
1st pass-2.70 @ 115.36 MPH
#39 David Hauser
1st pass-2.94 @ 89.50 MPH
#112 Dee Trower
1st pass-2.84 @ 111.35 MPH
#F5 Jeff Sieg
1st pass-2.85 @ 115.59 MPH
#1-John Moreland
#2-Rod Trower, Rod torched one of his heads so he couldn't make the call
#3-Dee Trower
#4-Jeff Sieg
#5-David Hauser
#6-Josh Stephens
#7-Stacey Sieg

Friday Qualifying

Top Eliminator:
#969 Kenny Kapple
1st pass-3.28 @ 96.31 MPH
#156 Terry Glasscock
1st pass-3.09 @ 101.81 MPH
#8 Tim Hatfield
1st pass-3.49 @ 103.68 MPH
On Tim's 2nd pass, he red-lighted before the tree dropped so he didn't get a time
#48 Jack Monroe
1st pass-3.02 @ 98.91 MPH
#112 Dee Trower
1st pass-3.11 @ 96.98 MPH
Dee was running in T/A and T/E in the same car
#12 David Hauser
1st pass-3.52 @ 84.50 MPH
#1-Jack Monroe
#2-Terry Glasscock
#3-Dee Trower
#4-Kenny Kapple
#5 Tim Hatfield
#6-David Hauser

Top Alcohol:
#101 Rod Trower
1st pass-2.88 @ 96.70 MPH
#FU3X John Moreland
1st pass-2.73 @ 112.65 MPH
#150 Stacey Sieg
1st pass-3.02 @ 104.52 MPH
#1-John Moreland
#2-Rod Trower
#3-Stacey Sieg
#4-Dee Trower
Josh Stephens-no time run
David Hauser-no time run
Jeff Sieg-no time run

*Editor's Note: A big thanks goes out to Kody Teters for doing a great job compiling and sending us the results/info from TVSD all season long.*

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