The month of May was an exciting one for NSDN. We provided you with two NSDN Daily Race Coverage events and news/results from several other races. The first Daily Race Coverage in May was from the NSDA series at the Soboba Casino. Once again another great race was put on by the NSDA crew. One of the highlights of the weekend was the Racer’s Appreciation dinner put on by Sam and the C Fiesta Catering crew. They definitely provided some great food for all, and it gave everyone a great opportunity to get some bench racing in. That will have to hold us over until September, when the NSDA series picks back up again.

Two weeks after that, NSDN headed off to Atoka, OK for the Heartland Nationals. It was my first trip to Atoka, and I was pleasantly taken aback by what I saw there. They have a very nice facility there, and the crew keeps the show moving along. Cecil, Debbie, and the rest of their staff worked their tails off all weekend to put on an entertaining show for all. One of the things I was very impressed with throughout the weekend was the effort the staff put into keeping the dust control down. The NSDA staff always does a great job with dust control, and Atoka was right up there with them on that. As a spectator or a racer, there is nothing more miserable than a race where there is not sufficient dust control. I would also have to say thanks definitely go out to Rod and Dee Trower for all they did for the event. From putting on the absolutely excellent dinners Friday and Saturday night to the donation of the “tie dye” trophies in remembrance of Butch Trolinder, the Trower’s put that extra touch on the event to make it special. This event should be one to put on your race schedule for 2009.

As we head into the month of June, we will have results from the two big races coming up in Missouri. Also, we’ll probably have some coverage from Michigan and Oklahoma. As I finally put the helmet back on, and switch from reporter to racer again, you’ll see that chronicled in a “racer blog” next month. Just as a note to all, if you want to submit a “racer blog” from the events you go to, feel free to email me and get the details about it.

NSDN is also still searching for sponsors for the second half of the 2008 Daily Race Coverage schedule. I have some specials available currently, if you wish to receive this info send me an e-mail and I’ll forward it on to you. Also, all track owners/promoters, please send me an email when you get a chance to touch base with me on a project I am currently working on. I’d also like to reiterate that feedback is very important to NSDN. If you have any thoughts on your mind or have any ideas on how we can improve NSDN, feel free to send us an email. Thanks to everyone who made the month of May one of the most fun months of racing I have ever been a part of. Until next month…..

Tom Bray (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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