Sold Out Productions is sad to inform racers and fans that due to unforeseen circumstances, Sold Out Productions has cancelled all 4 races at Dome Valley Raceway for the 2009 racing season. I personally apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to the racers, fans, and media. Unfortunately a disagreement was unable to be resolved, and therefore this decision was made with much regret. We wish Ernie and Dome Valley Raceway the best of luck with there race track, and truly enjoyed the Arizona Shootout in 2008. Sold Out Productions will of course resurface, and hopes to promote future sand drag racing events in the future at another venue.

We at Sold Out also promote car shows as well as other events in the area, and look forward to that in January. I will not get caught up in who was wrong or right, but leave it at a disagreement between the two parties. Sold Out will be meeting with other venues in the upcoming weeks, in hopes to host future sand drag events for the racers and fans. I truly do appreciate all the friends I have made in a short time, and will keep you all posted. Sold Out has retained its feature sponsors for future events, and thank Alexander Auto Center, Gordies Speed Center, Team Ramco Transmissions for all their support. Once again I apologize for the inconvenience, and wish all racers, tracks, and promoters a great 2009 racing season. Merry Christmas, and we will be releasing new information as it comes in. Talk to you soon.

Jerry Bunte
Sold Out  Productions

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