Atoka 2010 Season Opener Race Results

Atoka Motorsports Park in Atoka, OK opened their 2010 race season on March 13 with what could be stated as their craziest season opening event in history. Howard Ford took a wild ride with his Pro 2 class entry into the guard rail and parts breakage hampered the Pro 1 Cars class with the 13 entries whittled down to just 7 cars able to make the round one call of the Money class. On the positive side of things, Rod Trower wowed the crowd with his “Lots of G’s” Pro 1 Buggy. Les Steelman was the man to beat in the Pro 1 class winning the Money Round & getting 2nd place in the Trophy class. Bobby Kincaid got off to a fast start by sweeping the Pro 1 Quads class. Another note from AMP is that the Watermelon Patch Nationals will be moved to October this season and renamed “Fall Fest”.

Race Results

Pro 1 (Money)
1st-Les Steelman – Claremore, OK
2nd-Amie Wilson – Durant, OK

Pro 1 (Trophy)
1st-Marc Luce – Atoka, OK
2nd-Les Steelman, Claremore, OK

Pro 2 (Money)
1st-Dude Muse – Atoka, OK
2nd-Robert Sisco – Ponca City, OK

Pro 2 (Trophy)
1st-Dude Muse – Atoka, OK
2nd-Wyatt Fomby – Lehigh, OK

Pro 1 Quads (Money)
1st-Bobby Kincaid – McAlester, OK
2nd-Kirk Whitlow – Dallas, TX

Pro 1 Quads (Trophy)
1st-Bobby Kincaid – McAlester, OK
2nd-Ty Allen – Okmulgee, OK

Pro 2 Quads (Money)
1st-Roy Cooper – Atoka, OK
2nd-Seth Tree – Atoka, OK

Pro 2 Quads (Trophy)
1st-Seth Tree – Atoka, OK
2nd-David Buck

Pro 3 Quads (Money)
1st-Justin Rainwater
2nd-Set Three – Atoka, OK

Pro 3 Quads (Trophy)
1st-Justin Rainwater
2nd-Joseph Evans – Cumby, TX

Pro 4 Quads (Money)
1st-Jake Southerland – Atoka, OK
2nd-Bevin Smith – Clayton, OK

Pro 4 Quads (Trophy)
1st-Eric Smith – Clayton, OK
2nd-Saysha Crossland – Clayton, OK

Results Courtesy Derek Howard, Atoka Motorsports Park

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