ptnlogo.jpgAnnounced today is a new sponsorship for the upcoming 2nd Annual AZ vs. CA Top Fuel Showdown at Dome Valley Raceway in Wellton, AZ on January 22-23. The popular Midwest Pro Outlaw FE class will be run for the first time on the west coast at this event. This class has picked up co-class sponsors as Pro Truck Nationals and Richard's Auto Parts have come on board with added purse money for this event. Over $800 will go to first place with an eight car field, and the purse increases proportionally with entry count in the class. The Pro Truck Nationals series is excited to see this class being adopted in other areas of the country, and is glad to be on board with this great event. Richard's Auto Parts, run by PTN manager Rich Simon, offers a full line of performance & standard automotive parts. Both of these sponsors can be found online, at & Also, other sponsorships are available for this event by calling Mike Erwin at 928-941-0335 or Charlie Lowe at 623-340-8209.

Another note on this event is that the Pro Sport class has been renamed to Open Pro.

Open Pro rules:
1) Pro light.
2).400 tree
3) One open bracket from 3.00 and slower.
4) The Class will be broken up into two sections.
4a) After time trials we will be taking the quickest half and placing them in the “A” section, and the remaining racers will be placed in the “B” section. (In the past the break was at 3.91 to 4.22). Example: section A is 3.00 to 4.00 and section B is 4.01 and slower.
5) We will run both the “A” and “B” sections out. Then take the winner of “A” and “B” and run them against each other giving us the winner and runner up.
6) You can change you dial in as many times as you wish and as much as you want, as long as you stay within one tenth of a second ( 0.100) of your section.
7) This class will be run on Saturday only.

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