lead.jpgThe Top Alcohol class has been a staple of sand drag racing for many years now. This competitive class is no limitation in rules, with the exception being that Methanol is the only fuel allowed. Over the years, this class has progressed into a high tech realm not imaginable beforehand. These entries are becoming closer to their asphalt counterparts, along with major influences in knowledge from that side of the drag racing world. The economy has taken its toll on the racer count, but there is still exceptional competition in this category. The data used is from events that we attended or the info was submitted to us. Let’s take a look at the 2010 Best Runs in Top Alcohol.

Top Alcohol – Top 10 Best Runs 2010
1. Dan Allen 2.417 – Lake Elsinore, CA – May-10
2. Gary Mink 2.418 – Lake Elsinore, CA – Apr-10
3. Gary Mink 2.426 – Lake Elsinore, CA – May-10
4. Dan Allen 2.427 – Lake Elsinore, CA – Apr-10
5. Gary Mink 2.432 – Kingman, AZ – Nov-10
6. Gary Mink 2.437 – Kingman, AZ – Nov-10
7. Gary Mink 2.440 – Kingman, AZ – Nov-10
8. Gary Mink 2.451 – Lake Elsinore, CA – Apr-10
9. Gary Mink 2.461 – Lake Elsinore, CA – May-10
10. Gary Mink 2.464 – Lake Elsinore, CA – May-10

lead2.jpgTwo racers really dominated the performance statistics in the Top Alcohol class in 2010. Dan Allen laid down a great 2.417 at Lake Elsinore in May to earn the quickest pass of the season in Top Alcohol. Allen & the Lucas Oil TA Dragster ended up just .014 off of the class’ World Record held by Gary Mink. Mink would also come close to the World Record, losing out on Best Run of the year by .001 with a 2.418 best at Lake Elsinore in April. This was about the only statistical area Mink lost out on 2010. Gary’s dominance is well documented with him having 9 of the 11 Best Runs of the season. His consistent .965-.980 60’ times kept Gary at the top of the performance list all year long. To document the dominance of both Mink & Allen in 2010, you have to go all the way back to the 17th Best Run to find one by someone other than those two. Craig Sines was the only other racer to break into the 2.4 zone with a 2.48 in Kingman for the 17th Best Run of the season.

2010 Race Winners
NSDA Dome Valley (Mar ’10) – Scott Carroll
NSDA Lake Elsinore (Apr ’10) – Gary Mink
NSDA Lake Elsinore (May ’10) – Gary Mink
Atoka Heartland Nats (May ’10) – Pat Goodale
Ionia Sand Drags (Sept ’10) – Pat Goodale
Kingman West Coast Winter Nats (Nov ’10) – Gary Mink

Mink’s performance dominance showed on the track as he took home wins in three of the four events he competed in. Gary also earned the most points in NSDA competition to earn back-to-back titles in that class. Scott Carroll took home two runner-ups at those events. Pat Goodale & the Ted Lirones-led Crude Awakenings crew dominated Midwest Top Alcohol class action winning at both Atoka & Ionia. Pat’s season best 2.53 ended up 25th on the Best Runs list, the quickest run of the year west of AZ.

The competition level looks to be strong in 2011 as the bulls eye is on Gary Mink’s back wherever he goes, and the race to the first 2.3 second TA pass continues. This should definitely be a fun class to follow in 2011. Here’s a run down of the 25 Best Runs in Top Alcohol 2010.


Gary Mink won 3 of the 4 events he entered in the Top Alcohol class and ran a best of 2.418 on the season at Lake Elsinore. (Lone Star Graphics Photo)

Dan Allen did a great job representing Lucas Oil in 2010, laying down the Best Run of the season with a 2.417 at Lake Elsinore in May. (Lone Star Graphics Photo)

Craig Sines broke into the 2.4 zone at the Season Finale in Kingman with a great 2.486 lap. (NSDN Photo)

Scott Carroll had a great season in 2010 taking home the win at the Dome Valley Season Opener and running a season best 2.53 at Kingman. (Lone Star Graphics Photo)

Pat Goodale swept the Top Alcohol class action at Atoka & Ionia along with running a great 2.53 at Ionia to break into the 25 Best Runs of the season. (Lone Star Graphics Photo)

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