Virginia Sand Drag August Recap

We met Jeff Tomlin of Tomlin Racing Photography at the PTN East Coast Nationals at Newtown Dragway in Newtown, VA back in July. Jeff is not only a talented photographer, but a huge supporter of the sport. Living in Virginia, Jeff and his son Jesse attend a wide variety of sand and dirt drag events in their area, including some wild Top Fuel Motorcycle action. Here’s the first batch of photos and info sent us from August events in his region.

Newtown Dragway August 23

The Newtown ATV Drag Series was in action on August 23 at the Newtown, VA track. Winners at this event included Jantzen Maynor (Bracket), Herschel Omps (3.6 Index), Shawn Ray (4.2 Index), Emily Russell (4.5 Index), James Phelps (5.0 Index), Dylan Walter (Juniors), and Hunter Dressler (Peewees).

Tomlin Racing Photography Full Photo Gallery

Jantzen Maynor is always one of the top bracket racers at any race he attends, and he proved this once again by taking the Bracket class at this Newtown Dragway event. This comes after he scored a runner-up finish in the PTN 3.95 Index class at the East Coast Nationals.

Herschel Omps getting the job done on his smooth running Pro ATV en route to the 3.6 Index victory.

Brian Russell with his strong running Motorcycle-powered Pro ATV.

Great shot of Tre Allen getting after it at Newtown Dragway.

Top Fuel Blowout August 16

Mountaineer Motorcross and Dirt Drag Strip in August, WV was the host of the Top Fuel Blowout with many of the TF Motorcycles from the area doing battle on a 500’ track. Todd Leatherman was the big winner in the Top Fuel class defeating Randy Williamson in the final round. Take a look at some of the action through Tomlin Racing Photography photos.

Tomlin Racing Photography Full Photo Gallery

Todd Leatherman pulling to the line on this wild Top Fuel Dirt Drag Motorcycle. Todd scored the Top Fuel Motorcycle victory on this day.

Cody Glass piloting a nice looking Suzuki in the TF Motorcycle class.

George Mellot showing how unpredictable and hard to tame these wild TF Motorcycle beasts are on the Dirt.

They also run ATV classes at these events. Here is Jesse Tomlin on the way to a class win at Mountaineer Motorcross & Dirt Drag Racing.

Photos Courtesy
Tomlin Racing Photography

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