Excell Sept '17 Event Invites Sand Drag Racers

Excell Raceway in Bouckville, New York will be the site of a major event on September 23-24 with the Eastern Grass Drag Nationals taking place at the facility along with the MRA Kelly O'Dell Memorial Mud Drag Nationals. The event promoters are inviting sand drag racers to participate on the same 200’ Dirt Drag "Fast Track"-style track that the MRA racers are competing on. The track is 200’ long with 800’ of shutdown area and uses professional Portatree timing equipment. Guaranteed Payouts are in the works for at least two categories, preliminary thoughts are for 2.30 (2.95 in 300’) and 2.75 (3.50 in 300’) side-by-side Index categories. Other classes may be added based upon interest. Contact Brian Davoli at 315-868-5884 for more info in participating at this event. Click "Read More" to view full event flyer.

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